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Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

Why do you need to consider having bunk beds? Well, when you decide to give your oldest kid siblings, it means you need to reconstruct their bedroom, right?

Some people may find it easy to resolve, but how about when space of the room is the number one problem?

In this case, bunk beds are the perfect solution.
However, bunk beds ideas are not something that you can find without any difficulties; moreover, if you try to find the most astonishing ones.

But, don’t worry, parents. In this post, we will provide you with a list of ideas for uniquely awesome bunk beds design, complete with the pictures. We also will give you tips in choosing the perfect bunk beds for your kids.

A regular bunk bed may come with a similar design, which only has stairs. Well, it changed. Nowadays, bunk beds come with a variety of material and style; not only have stairs, but they also come with a desk or even cupboard.

When your children are lazy, this one is the best method to persuade them leaving the bed since they will love coming down from the bed moving.

Putting the bunk beds near the window will enable your kids to drop off to sleep with the natural look of moon and stars, utilize this like an idea for long nights.

Depending upon the variety of kids and the readily available area, you can embrace more than two beds bounded in between them such as triple bunk beds or four bunk beds in the very same space.
If you chose to purchase one, but you do not have any bunk bed ideas, we hope these bunk bed pictures will assist you to take the finest choice relating to the entire interior style of the space.
Discovering ideas and motivation is not difficult in any way for having awesome bunk beds for kids after seeing this short article.

Tips for Choosing Bunk Beds

The majority of us are in some way skeptic to the idea of purchasing bunk beds, and it makes good sense. The very first association that pertains to your mind is metal military platforms, which is not a choice you would think about.

You are reluctant since you do not wish to see you kid having a hard time to obtain vertically from the upper bulk; however, good news for you, bunk beds altered a lot. In an excellent way!
Today’s bunk beds from Bed King, with stairs, are genuine style masterpieces, available in all sizes and shapes, with imaginative climbing up devices and wonderful functions.

Designers work hard to comply with security requirements, and you can take safety measures as a given when picking the finest bunk bed for your kid.
All set to discover ways to pick a bunk bed with stairs? Without any further ado, let’s start:

1. Safety Precautions

Triple bunk beds can be arranged within two stacks

Safety is the most important aspect in choosing bunk beds.
Pick semi-high bunk beds that have strong guyed rails to avoid the child from falling on the ground. Bunk beds normally include such rails; however, you can set up among your very own to make sure you’ve not ignored a single security issue.

In case you’re not exactly sure how this goes, check out some DIY pointers, or request for expert help.

2. Choose Strong Material

Triple bunk beds for large room

No matter its appearances, color, or size, all of us wish to purchase the most strong bunk bed we can discover. This basically limitations the option to wood and metal beds (which readies due to the fact that they are available in all colors, patterns, or kids styles).

We would advise you to choose the wood choice because metal is contemporary and commercial, however, has its covert risks when it pertains to kids.

Often is to sharp, slippery, or cold, and you need to think about all this prior to you leap to the incredible cost these beds have. Wood beds are not that pricey after all, depending upon the product they were made from.

It is the supreme product option that never ever goes out of design, and if completed correctly, it can be the rustic pleasure of lots of generations to come. That’s why moms and dads choose wood bunk beds to their metal equivalents.

3. Choose The Perfect Theme for Their Age

colorful triple bunk beds ideas
Colorful triple bunk beds for kids

One of the most stressful aspects of the ‘search’ would be to discover bulk beds for young child age kids, however the silver lining of this procedure is that it tightens option to the safest and most strong beds (kids under the age of 6 need to not even sleep on the upper bunk).

An additional security tip when it pertains to young children is to utilize stair rather of ladders, due to the fact that they are much easier to climb up, and they generally have actually security rails connected to them.

Age matters likewise in regards to design; even though that would imply draining your pocket to react to your kids' demands.

Eight years of ages women will most likely request a My little pony-themed bed, and kids on comparable age will request for aircraft, however, each of them will choose not to oversleep those beds after a year or more.

That is the reason why you ought to discuss with your children and aim to encourage them to pick something more conventional that will just grow as they do.

4. Calculate The Room Size

bunk beds ideas
Triple bunk beds for small room

You may be taking a look at the prettiest bulk bed ever, however except if you have sufficient area to support it; it deserves absolutely nothing to you. Determining your space ahead of time will limit the option, and will supply accurate standards on exactly what to try to find.

The height of the bed matters the most: you have to make certain there will be minimum two feet of extra area in between the bed mattress and the ceiling, otherwise, the kid might get harmed while standing up.

When it concerns flooring area, twin bunk beds do not need to be bigger than basic twin beds, unless you’ve chosen to opt for a trundle or L shaped beds, or such that have unique functions, such as pull out drawers.

5. Choose The Right Built Style

Bunk beds style for twin

There are five designs to be thought about: twin on twin; complete twin; futon twin; desk twin; or rotates. While deciding, you ought to discover both the practical and visual sides of the design.

6. Consider The Accessibility

Shabby chic bunk beds ideas

When you’re going through the last stages of your purchase, consider the methods which the bed could be accessed, and whether it would be simpler for your kid to steer ladders or stairs.
A thing you need to definitely prevent is small stairs, or such that are put out of view and express concealed stumbling threat for kids.

To select effectively, try and compare various alternatives, however preferably just those that have handrails to keep. If the bed does not have handrails, it was most likely produced teens who do not have to appreciate balance any longer. It all depends on the age of your kid.

7. Functional and Stylish at The Same Time

Stylish and functional at the same time

Kid’s spaces are typically too little for the stacks of individual valuables these little treasures have. You have to be both useful and innovative to provide the space they desire, however, to consider performance too.

That’s why you ought to think about multi-purpose bulk beds, with storage area or whole desks under the stairs, or to select loft beds for your one and just kid, understanding that he or she will accept absolutely nothing less than a bunk bed.

As we stated, you’re the one in charge of alternative options that can take advantage of the non-reusable area: for example, if your kid prefers to have buddies over, include a trundle bed beneath his to be drawn in or out upon requirement.

Something that you must not forget to do is to seek advice from him/her: at the end of the day, they are the ones who understand finest where kind of bed they wish to oversleep. Even we that are all grown have the tendency to be unpredictable on that issue!

Kids like the enjoyability of bunk beds and they’re a terrific piece of area conserving furnishings that will provide more space to expand and have a good time.

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What You Need to Know about Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses

Mattress Type and Components:

  • Simmons Bedding Company offers innerspring and hybrid mattresses under the Beautyrest product name as part of three exclusive collections.
  • The Black Collection features innerspring mattresses with an above-average price-point. Some models are available in multiple firmness ratings. It currently features the following models (ordered by price from highest to lowest):
    • The Tatiana features a comfort layer with a top layer of gel memory foam, second layer of standard memory foam, a third layer of latex, and a microcoil bottom layer. The support core is designed with pocketed coils encased in edge support polyfoam.
    • The Sonya has a comfort layer with a top layer of memory foam, a middle layer of latex, and a microcoil bottom layer. The support core features pocketed coils with a polyfoam encasement.
    • The Natasha features a comfort layer with a layer of standard memory foam, followed by a latex bottom layer; the ‘Plush’ option also features a top layer of gel memory foam. The pocketed coil support core is encased in edge support polyfoam.
    • Like the Natasha, the Mariela has a comfort layer with layers of standard memory foam and latex; the ‘Plush’ option also features a top layer of gel memory foam. The support core has pocketed coils encased in edge support polyfoam.
    • The Katarina Pillow Top has a comfort layer with a top layer of standard memory foam and a bottom layer of gel memory foam. The support core foam-encased pocketed coils.
    • The Desiree has a memory foam comfort layer and a pocketed coil support core encased in edge support polyfoam.  
    • The Calista is designed with a memory foam comfort layer and a pocketed coil support core with a polyfoam encasement.

  • The Platinum Collection features innerspring and hybrid mattresses with a mid-range price-point. Some models are available in multiple firmness ratings; the current selection is listed below (ordered by price from highest to lowest):
    • The Quinn hybrid features a comfort layer with four components: a top layer of standard memory foam, a second layer of high-density memory foam, a third layer of standard memory foam, and a latex bottom layer. The support core features pocketed coils with a polyfoam encasement.
    • The Maddie hybrid has a comfort layer with two standard memory foam top layers, followed by a third layer of gel memory foam and a bottom layer of latex. This model also features a pocketed coil support core encased in edge support polyfoam.
    • The Bryson hybrid is constructed with three memory foam layers in the comfort layer, followed by a bottom latex layer. The support core features pocketed coils encased in polyfoam.
    • Like the Bryson, the Austin features a comfort layer with three memory foam top layers and a latex bottom layer. The pocketed coil support core is encased in polyfoam.
    • The Katherine Pillow Top innerspring has a comfort layer with a gel memory foam top layer, a standard memory foam middle layer, and a polyfoam bottom layer. The support core features pocketed coils encased in polyfoam.
    • The Gabriella Pillow Top innerspring is designed with a comfort layer with a top layer of gel memory foam and a bottom layer of standard memory foam. The pocketed coil support core is encased in edge support polyfoam.
    • The Brittany innerspring features a gel memory foam and standard memory foam comfort layer in the Plush and Luxury Firm settings, and a polyfoam comfort layer for the Firm setting. In all settings, the support core features pocketed coils encased in polyfoam.
    • The Amberlyn innerspring features a polyfoam comfort layer with a memory foam center and a pocketed coil support core with a polyfoam encasement.

  • The Silver Collection features innerspring and hybrid mattresses with a below-average price-point. Some models are available in multiple firmness ratings. The current lineup is outlined below (listed by price from highest to lowest):
    • The Harbour Beach hybrid has a comfort layer with a top layer of standard memory foam, a middle layer of gel memory foam, and a bottom layer of standard memory foam. The support core features pocketed coils.
    • The Cascade Mist hybrid features a comfort layer with a standard memory foam and gel memory foam top layers, and a standard memory foam bottom layer. This model also features a pocketed coil support core.
    • The Austin Reef hybrid has a comfort layer with a top layer of standard memory foam, a middle layer of gel memory foam and a polyfoam bottom layer, as well as a pocketed coil support core.
    • The Beachwood hybrid has a comfort layer with top and bottom memory foam layers, and a polyfoam middle layer. The support core is constructed with pocketed coils.
    • The Charcoal Coast Pillow Top innerspring features a comfort layer with two top layers of polyfoam, followed by a third layer of memory foam and a microcoil layer. The support core has pocketed coils.
    • The Charcoal Coast innerspring has a comfort layer has two top layers of polyfoam, a third layer of gel memory foam, and a final microcoil layer. The support core features pocketed coils.
    • The Open Seas Pillow Top innerspring has a comfort layer with two top layers of polyfoam, followed by a third layer of gel memory foam and a bottom polyfoam layer. The support core has pocketed coils.
    • The Open Seas innerspring features two top polyfoam layers in the comfort layer, followed by a bottom layer of gel memory foam. The support core features pocketed coils.
    • The Tidewater has a comfort layer with top and bottom polyfoam layers surrounding a middle layer of gel memory foam. The support core is designed with pocketed coils.

  • Simmons Bedding Company does not disclose the composition of any mattress covers.

Why it’s great:

  • Simmons Beautyrest currently offers 24 different innerspring and hybrid mattress models, half of which are available in multiple firmness settings. This extensive selection should accommodate a wide range of sleepers.
  • A large number of owners claim Simmons Beautyrest mattresses offer above-average edge support, and have a responsive surface that makes them better for sex.
  • Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are available at hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations across the country.

For more details such as product specifications and warranty information of Simmons beds - speak to a sleep expert at The Bed King.

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4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sleeper Sofa

Call it sleeper sofas, or sleeper couches, this is one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can own. Having a sleeper in your living room rather than a sofa might be one way to overcome space limitations, if you have them. It lets you turn any room into a guest room, or even a bedroom for yourself if you live in a studio apartment.
Here is what you need to know before you buy one for your home.

It Depends On Who is Using it

While its functionality might be a very important aspect, there are several other factors you should consider before you buy a sleeper. As with any piece of furniture consider your needs. The most important thing to consider whether it will be primarily used as a bed or for seating.
If you plan to use it as the primary sleeping surface for yourself, look into the type of mattress that comes with it. As you are no doubt aware, sleepers come with many different types of mattresses, some using specialty materials, some come with inner-springs and others are air beds. Try and find one with a mattress type you are happy using. Also look for a mechanism that opens and closes easily.
As there are many manufacturers offering sofa beds, you will notice great differences both in quality and pricing. Needless to say, buy the best quality you can afford. Often sleepers in higher price points are also better made.

Choose Wisely When You Have Limited Space

If you have a very small space then Twin size sofa beds might be the perfect answer for you as these are less than 5 feet wide and they are great for sleeping one person. These sleepers are sometimes referred to as chair and a half beds or chair beds also. Don't expect them to be any cheaper because of the size. They should not be considered for affordability, but for their suitability for smaller rooms.

When Space is Not an Issue

When space is not an issue then you are in luck, as a queen size sleeper sofa is the most widely available. You will be easily able to find queen sized sleepers in different styles and fabrics and with your preferred type of mattress. There is the just a great deal of variety available in this size.
A queen size sleeper couch can easily seat three, and can provide a comfortable bed for two people.

A Little More Room to Stretch Equals Comfort

If the sleeper is going to be used every night for sleeping, a full-size sleeper sofa is what you need even if you have a tiny space. An adult might find a twin-sized sleeper too small and restricting for everyday use, and, in a pinch, a full-size sleeper can even sleep two. But again if two people are going to use it regularly, the full sized sleeper might not be very comfortable or spacious enough.
For sitting, the size of a full sized sleeper is between a sofa and a love seat, rather like an apartment sofa, so it is still a good option for smaller spaces and apartments.

Have a look at The Bed King’s great range of available sleeper couches.

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Even as you are a couple, you still need to have comfort when sleeping on your bed. With a bed that can hardly give you this, both of you will have a bad morning each day and it can even create havoc in your health. The bed is one furniture that must be well thought of prior to any purchase.

The King Size Bed
Space is one of the reasons why you need to get a king size bed. With a measurement of 76 x 80 inches, you and your spouse can be assured of having more area to stretch. The king-size bed also offers more space for the whole family to lie down together and relax. It is an eye-catcher because of its dimension. King size beds are more placating, satisfying and soothing to sleep on. However, it can be quite difficult to get bed linens, sheets and blankets that will fit. You also need to be sure that your bedroom is huge to accommodate its size specifically the door opening must be wide as well. Not to forget is that it commands a higher price than the queen size bed.
The Queen Size Bed
The queen size bed is also ideal for couples and cost less than the king size bed. There are varied selections to choose from unlike the king size bed. Dimension of this kind of bed is usually 60 x 80 inches; and the sizes differ in every country. It may not be as huge as the king size bed, but it offers ample space for couples to have a good sleep and more area to stretch. Queen size beds are not hard to dress up. Linens, sheets and blankets are available in a myriad of selections. As in the king size bed, your bedroom must be big and must also have a wide door opening.

It is very essential to purchase the ideal bed. To be able to get the appropriate size for your bedroom, you need to take the dimension of your room first. Be sure that you do not get impressed by its looks and size. You also need to ensure that it will provide you with a good mattress to take care of your back. There is nothing more upsetting than to wake up in the morning and feel your whole body hurting. Remember sleep recharges our body; and this cannot be achieved without an appropriate bed. Your bed should also complement the other furniture in your bedroom.

If you’re shopping around for queen-sized beds, Johannesburg or surrounds - make sure you check out what The Bed King has on offer. The Bed King has great quality queen-sized beds for great prices!

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Buying Tips

Kids Bed Buying Tips

The time may be right for you to start looking at getting a new bed for your kids bedroom. Choosing the right bed for your child which will fulfill their needs can go a long way to making sure you get value for your money. We’ve put together an explanation of what’s what when it comes to selecting beds and bunk beds.

Bed size:
You probably want to firstly consider the size of bed that will work best for you. Single beds (91 x 188cm mattress size) are great for smaller bedrooms and also perfect for kids who have just moved out of their cot. Don’t worry, you will still be able to cuddle up with your little one until they fall asleep. Three quarter beds (107 x 188cm mattress size) obviously take up a bit more space and are great for kids that are a bit bigger and like to sprawl out and perhaps have sleepovers with friends joining them.
Bed frames with slats:
Considering the right type of bed base will influence which type of mattress that can be used and how the bed will be used. If selecting a bed with slats then a foam mattress without springs must be selected. Springs don’t work on slatted bases as the spring support may not line up with a corresponding slat and the mattress warranty will therefore be null and void.

Bed frames with solid bases:
If a bed is selected with a solid base then any mattress can be used. This could also be ideal when selecting a bunk bed which has a solid base at the top as this creates a neater view from below. Solid bed bases don’t allow for as much mattress breathability as a slatted base so consider airing your mattress out every now and then.

Storage Beds:
Most bedrooms are in extra need of storage. Our storage under-beds make the most of your space in the bedroom, giving you extra room for storage as well as a comfortable night’s sleep. Some of our under-beds have dual functionality as either storage drawer or additional pull out bed.
Most beds at CLM have the option of adding an under bed.
Day beds:
Transform a day bed from a sofa by day into a bed during the night. These are ideal in teen bedrooms where friends are often hanging out with each other.
Bunk beds:
Ideal for children’s rooms, bunk beds are practical and a good solution for when you can’t fit two single beds in the bedroom. Many of our bunk beds have the additional option of an under bed for sleepovers. Our bunk beds are available in standard SA single and 3/4 mattress sizes or extra length European sizes.

Loft beds:
Loft beds are versatile and functional. You can use the space under the bed as a work-space, extra room for storage or to create a comfy seating area. Some loft beds come with built in desks.
The right mattress size:
Ensure you check the size of your bed when choosing your mattress, as some require a small single size (80cm x 180cm), some are standard SA single (91 x 188cm) and some are extra length (90 x 200cm). Some of our beds include mattresses-its all in the name.
Mattress Protectors:
Mattress protectors keep your mattress in a good condition for longer. Simply pop them in the wash every now and then to remove any dust mites or allergens.
And there you have it. No more wondering about what’s what when it comes to beds and bunks.

If you’re interested in kids beds that will suit all your little one’s needs - see what The Bed King has on offer, here.

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What’s the big deal about latex pillows?

What’s so special about them compared to all the others on the market?
Buying a pillow is a bit like buying a new car in that it doesn’t matter what type you get, it will do its job. A pillow will help get you through the night and a car will help you get from A to B. For some transcendent folk it’s as simple as that. Any pillow will do, any car will do. ‘Where are the lentils, man?’
For most people though, it isn’t quite like that.
Everybody knows the difference between a Lada Riva and a Rolls Royce. They know that all Rollers are ever so comfortable and reliable and long lasting and a dream to drive. While the Lada only has heated rear windows so you can warm your hands while pushing - and doubles in value when you fill it with petrol.


Apart from the obvious fact that cars are expensive, over their lifetime the average driver will cover enough distance to take them to the moon and back 3 times and spend a total of 4.3 years sitting behind the wheel, so buyers tend to be discerning. They think about price range, quality, reliability, economy, comfort, size, shape, colour, aspiration and suitability; knowing that the more research and effort that goes into choosing, the greater the likelihood of ending up with the right car.
And so it should be for anything to do with your bed, which is where you spend a whopping 26 years of your life. 6 times longer than in your car. Good sleep is vital to the health and wellbeing of all living creatures. Bats are grumpy if they get less than 20 hours sleep per day, while giraffes are happy as Larry with only 2 hours per night. The ideal for gorillas is 10 hours, while we humans need 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep.
There are a number of things that determine the quality of your sleep. What you do during the day is important. Looking after yourself with a sensible diet and reasonable exercise is a good start. Unwinding before going to bed and keeping regular hours will also help. A quiet, well ventilated and dark bedroom is a must. But the real key to good sleep is your bed and bedding.
A good quality, really comfortable mattress that is supportive in all the right places to keep your spine in alignment is vital. Choosing bedding that keeps you at your ideal temperature all night long is also tremendously important. But the one ingredient that is often given little thought and yet will make all the difference in the world is your PILLOW.
A good pillow supports and cradles your head and neck and works in conjunction with the mattress at keeping your spine in alignment. A good pillow can also provide supreme comfort. A good pillow can be the icing on the cake that can turn a reasonable night’s sleep into superb, healthful sleep at comparatively little extra cost. Why on earth would you sleep on a Lada, when you can afford to sleep on a Rolls-Royce?
And here’s the thing – most people in Australia spend night after night trying to sleep on broken down old Ladas! For 26 years of their lives. They buy $10 pillows without really thinking about it. Or maybe pay $20 or even $30 for virtually the same pillow under a well-known brand label that advertises and promotes. They don’t think about what the pillow is made of, what is inside it, how much support will it provide, how long will it last, how high is it, how firm or soft is it, how healthful is it – and ultimately is this really the best value I can get for my money?
For most of my life I’ve slept on one model Lada after another. When I was a kid there wasn’t really any choice, my father worked for the British Colonial Service in what was then Tanganyika and we all slept on government issued kapok fill pillows and mattresses. Remember the ubiquitous old striped ticking design?


Actually this wasn’t such a bad pillow in that kapok is all natural, hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial – but it is lumpy and bumpy and flattens down, so offers poor support to the neck and shoulders. At boarding school aged 7, part of the morning ‘making the beds’ ritual was giving the pillows a good shake to get some loft back into them. Imagine 12 boys to a dormitory; the urge to pillow fight was too often irresistible, with kapok flying everywhere. And then big trouble from Matron McBride who was a lovely old duck, but handy with the strap.
Other popular fillings for pillows back then were also natural – cotton fibre and wool, both with similar properties to kapok - and feathers, which tended to include mainly larger feathers that scrunched and the quills poked through. Ouch.
Then, as I got into my teens, synthetic fibres invaded the world of pillows and have pretty much ruled ever since because, for less cost, synthetic fibres create more loft and comfort than natural fibres. The most commonly used fill fibre for pillows is polyester, which is produced directly from polymer, an oil derivative. Polymer is the end result of oil being ‘cracked’, then ‘oxidised’ with air, and hydrated.
Solid polyester fibre is quite dense and flattens quickly, so hollow fibre, imagine tiny miniature macaroni, was developed that resists flattening. From there companies like DuPont and Honeywell developed all kinds of polymer based fibres with two holes, three holes – all the way up to seven holes in each tiny fibre. Other innovations included siliconizing fibre in a bath treatment, to make it softer and further improve loft recovery; and crimping to make it frizzy. Fancy marketing names were applied to add extra sizzle. Think Dacron, Tencel, Modal, Coolmax, Tactel, Fortrel and most recently, Microfibre.
It was soon discovered that a big problem with fiber fill pillows is that they are a brilliant medium for cultivating bacteria. Almost unbelievably, after only 2 years use, over 30% of the weight of your pillow could be made up of bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites (and their faeces), fungi, mould and dead skin. How horrible. So manufacturers started spraying fibre with chemicals to combat bacteria, microbes and dust mites. Sanitized, Healthguard and Ultrafresh are well known registered brands of these chemicals, which vary in degrees of necessary toxicity - and are only effective for a limited amount of time anyway. The biggest pillow manufacturer in this country, Tontine, strongly recommends renewing fiberfill pillows every two years!


Today over 95% of pillows sold in Australia are synthetic fibre filled. Some fibres obviously perform better than others and this is reflected in the price, but health issues aside, all fiberfill pillows lose loft after about two years and may still be reasonably comfortable, but no longer provide the required support to your head and neck.
By now my career had taken me from 25 years running a clothing business to a sourcing role in homewares which involved finding suppliers for finished goods and raw material componentry for various products including mattresses, manchester, quilts and pillows – under some of the best known and most loved brand names in Australia.
We marketed pretty much every type of pillow there is and my wife was delighted we were afforded a golden opportunity to discard our horrible Lada’s to try sleeping on every Rolls Royce model pillow there is. I was also exposed to years of extensive pillow research – and what a revelation that was!
Once you go past fiberfill there are three pillow types that stand out as being superior. Feather and down, memory foam, and latex pillows. They are all significantly more expensive – but well worth taking the leap (like most people, something I probably would never have done had I had to pay normal retail price).
Feather and down makes a great pillow so long as it is good quality and the feathers have been properly processed to remove any odour. This entails washing in very hot water umpteen times (no toxic chemicals).The best of these have three chambers with lovely soft down at top and bottom for comfort, and the middle chamber filled with small feathers for loft. Feather is naturally antimicrobial so there is no need for any nasty chemicals. They retain height very well, but the only drawback is they do need to be regularly fluffed up.
Health professionals like memory foam pillows. They sink inwards with the weight of the head to create neutral skeletal alignment and reduce pressure points. Then, almost by memory, they slowly return to normal height. They are long lasting, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Manufacturers love talking about how memory foam was developed by NASA scientists for the comfort of astronauts during space travel. Fans love them.
I am not a fan. Memory foam is visco polyurethane – an oil derivative. They are heavy. People can have difficulty breathing through the nose because their heads sink in so far. Memory foam cannot breathe so sleeps hot and has a chemical odour. They are simply not for me.
I have a great love for my latex pillow. I can’t sleep properly without it and take it on holidays. It can breathe so sleeps cool. It is antimicrobial, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. It will perform as good as new for about 15 years. Most of all it is wonderfully supportive and comfortable. Choose the height and firmness that best suits and you are away. You won’t look back. Trust me. Or if you don’t want to trust me, ask your chiropractor. The Bed King offers the best latex pillows to give you the best benefits of latex pillows.