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Science of sleep: The power of shut-eye

You have quality sleep if you feel rested and fresh when you wake up.

You have quality sleep if you feel rested and fresh when you wake up.

As technology has changed the way we live, with things such as

phones and computers that ruin our sleep routines, we need to

better understand the value of sleep

Falling asleep late at night, sleeping less than usual or the inability to sleep very
well invite illnesses and psychological problems, such as depression, stroke,
diabetes, cancer, unhappiness and tension. Do we know what sleeping means?
If we understand the science behind sleep, can we solve the mystery of our body?

American media boss Arianna Huffington decided to change not only her career
but also her life when she fainted due to fatigue. This successful, renowned
businesswoman adopted a healthy and adequate sleep routine. She never starts
her day without good sleep. If you ask her the key to success, she says it all comes
down to sleep.
When she was on the verge of burnout, Huffington caught a life success by
learning the art of sleeping. Is poor sleep the mother of all unhappiness? Chest
Disease Specialist Dr. Ender Levent talked about this question.
Are you really asleep?
Since present city life does not allow proper, healthy sleep, Dr. Levent said:
"We cannot even recognize the signals that our bodies give as there are lots of
sounds and images around us. We are exposed to televisions and computers.
The tempo of city and business life creates great pressure, and we all have many
things to do. We cannot understand whether we are sleepy or tired. Our priority
is to finish our work. When our condition is like that, our sleep routine is
How much sleep do we need?
Sleep needs changes with age. A newborn sleeps 16-18 hours while adolescents
sleep 10 hours. Adults generally sleep 6-8 hours. Even if this period is spent sleeping,
people can still have sleep problems. If we slept 6-8 hours, we'd have good sleep.
If we feel rested, fresh and ready for the day, this is the sign of quality sleep.
However, if you feel tired and sleepless while starting the day, there's a sleep
According to international classification, there are more than 70 sleeping disorders.
The most common is sleep apnea: when you stop breathing for at least 10 seconds
at night and oxygen levels decrease.
Sleeping disorders can be diagnosed with polysomnography in sleep laboratories.
If respiration stops 10 or more seconds in an hour five or more times, there is sleep
apnea. However, some people stop breathing every half-minute. Thus, we cannot
mention quality sleep or rest here.
Doctors treat anatomic problems that prevent respiration and cause sleep apnea,
like micrognathia, nasal congestion and enlarged tonsils surgically. If there is no
such problem, a device with a mask can blow pressured air into patients while they

What happens if we don't sleep?
Does lack of sleep carry a high price? According to Dr. Levent, sleeplessness
causes an individual to feel tired, angry and depressed and lack attention. Reflexes
slow and perception problems occur. Resistance to leptin hormones appears,
causing compulsive eating and weight gain. Insulin resistance is seen and stress
hormones are secreted. In particular, sleep apnea activates hormones that affect
the sympathetic system, causing a speedup in heart rhythm, an increase in blood
pressure and the risk of stroke. As oxygen in the blood decreases, the body pumps
more blood to the brain to satisfy the oxygen need of the brain. This causes people
to wake up with a headache in the mornings. Many diseases like high cholesterol,
blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can also occur. That is, your
body cannot resist sleeplessness even if you say you can. These illnesses shorten
Easiest prescription: Napping
To feel fresh and healthy, take naps. A half-hour of sleep at noon equals one-and-
a-half hours of sleep at night. Children should go to bed before 10 p.m., while
adults should be in bed before 11.00 p.m. so that hormones can perform properly.

Golden rules of sleep

Sleep at the same time every day.
Stop using computers, televisions and phones at least an hour before sleeping.
Stay away from drinks with alcohol and caffeine at least four hours before sleep.
The bedroom should be silent and quiet.
Use curtains that totally block light. In utter darkness, melatonin hormones are
Sleep on a comfortable bed from Bed King and in comfortable clothes.
Bedroom temperature should not be high.
No electronic devices in the bedroom.
Only use bedroom for sleeping.

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Monday, 6 May 2019

How to Make a Pull Out Sleeper Couch More Comfortable

Sleeper couches offer an extra bed for guests and convenient seating for those who live in the household. The kids love sleeper couches for sleepovers, and they are perfect for sick days when cuddling up in front of the television with warm soup helps to heal. Though a pull-out sofa bed comes with many benefits, it usually lacks in the comfort department. Find out how to create a comfortable sleeper sofa your household and overnight guests love to sleep on.
1. Add a Mattress Topper

The easiest way to improve the comfort of a sleeper sofa is to add a mattress topper.
The extra padding helps to make it easier on the back and more comfortable to sleep on.
Both memory foam and down mattress toppers exist for sleeper sofa mattresses, along with toppers
made of other materials. The material is simply a matter of preference; as long as it is thick,
it adds more comfort to the base mattress.

  2. Buy a New Mattress

Another way to improve the comfort of a pull out couch is to buy a new mattress. Most mattresses
for sofa beds range in width from 4 to 5 inches. Thicker mattresses are more comfortable.
Replace the original mattress with a new sofa bed mattress to make a world of difference in terms
of comfort.

  3. Fill in Gaps With Pillows

Another way to improve the comfort level of a sofa bed is to fill any gaps with pillows.
This gives the sleeper more room to spread out while sleeping, thus making it more comfortable.
Additionally, filling up the gap with a second pillow can keep the sleeping pillow in place and give
you a better night’s sleep. Read the Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Pillow to get the
most comfortable option for your sofa bed.

4. Sleep on Quality Bedding

The comfort level on a sleeper sofa is directly related to the quality of the bedding. Comfortable
bedding can significantly improve the quality of sleep you get. Most pull-out sofa beds are full-size
but other sizes are on the market, too. Shop for bedding that specifically matches the size of your
sofa bed, and consider buying mattress clips to keep the sheets in place, especially if you do not
plan to use a topper on the mattress.

5. Keep the Mattress Clean

Keeping the sleeper sofa mattress clean also helps to ensure a good night’s sleep. Clean
the mattress with a vacuum; a small handheld unit is perfect for this task, since the space of a sofa
bed tends to be fairly small. Additionally, a handheld vacuum is portable, so you can reach the middle
of the bed with ease. If you have a down mattress on the sofa bed, fluff it in the dryer with a dryer
sheet following each use to bring more comfort and add a pleasant scent.

6. Sleep on a Duvet

If you need a solution for a more comfortable sleeper sofa in a pinch, consider sleeping on a duvet
instead of using it to cover yourself. Most duvets are thick enough to offer extra support and comfort
where you need it. Duvets also add an opportunity for more warmth, especially if made of a material
such as down.

If you’re in need of a quality and comfortable sleeper couch - visit Bed King here.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Bed Sizes: The ultimate guide to bed sizes in South Africa

One bed store Cape Town has, offers a large variety of carefully selected mattresses from the best
mattress brands in the world. Not only do they stock a range of different brands, but they also have an
assortment of different sizes to suit every preference.
When you choose a certain size mattress, you shouldn’t only be considering the space in your bedroom.
The size of your mattress can impact the quality of your sleep. To guarantee a good night’s rest, make
sure that you choose the mattress size that is right for you.

Once you start searching for a mattress, you may realise that there are many factors that you need to
keep in mind to help you make a good choice.

Single bed

A single size mattress will always be a firm favourite because it is so practical. Single mattresses are
an excellent option for children and single adults who have smaller bedrooms.Single mattresses have
the added benefit of being very affordable. However, purchasing a smaller mattress doesn’t mean that
you need to compromise on comfort or quality. All of the mattress manufacturers offer a large selection
of different mattresses to suit different preferences.
Single mattress dimensions: 91cm x 188cm
Extra length single mattress dimensions: 91cm x 200cm

¾ bed

A three-quarter size mattress is fantastic for teenagers who may have outgrown a single mattress
because it still easily fits in a smaller bedroom. Single adults who feel lost on a double mattress but
cramped on a single mattress may find that a three-quarter mattress is a solution that provides perfect
comfort. A three-quarter size mattress could also make your guest room feel just a little bit more
Three-quarter mattress dimensions: 107cm x 188cm
Extra length three-quarter mattress dimensions: 107cm x 200cm

Double bed

Double size mattresses are ideal for young couples with limited budgets. While offering enough space
for two people to sleep comfortably, it is not as expensive as a queen or king size mattress. People who
live in apartments or townhouses may also find that a double mattress is a more practical size than a
queen or king size mattress. Even an extra length double mattress will fit in an average bedroom
effortlessly. Double mattresses are also often the preferred size for guesthouses and hotels.
Double mattress dimensions: 137cm x 188cm
Extra length double mattress dimensions: 137cm x 200cm

Queen bed

A queen size mattress is medium large, and provides enough space for two people to stretch out with
ease. The size of this mattress will minimise the possibility that you or your partner will disturb each
other’s sleep. Although it is spacious, the queen size mattress is not too large to fit into an average
bedroom. With a queen size mattress, you can have the best of both worlds: ample sleeping space for
two people, without the drawbacks of a mattress that is so large that it makes your bedroom feel
Queen size mattress dimensions: 152cm x 188cm
Extra length queen size mattress dimensions:152cm x 200cm

King bed

King size mattresses are twice the size of single size mattresses and are ideal for people who need
generous amounts of space to be able to sleep well. If you and your partner sleep on a king size
mattress, it is unlikely that you will ever disturb each other’s sleep. This makes it easy to get a good
night’s rest, even if you have a partner who tends to move a lot in their sleep. King size mattresses
have two drawbacks: they are large and they tend to be a bit more expensive than queen size mattresses.
If you can afford a king size mattress, be sure to measure your bedroom before buying one. It may also
be difficult to carry it up stairs or around tight corners, so keep that in mind. However, if you have a
bedroom that is large enough to accommodate a king size mattress, it’s the perfect mattress for two
people who want to be completely comfortable.
King size bed dimensions: 183cm x 188cm
Extra length king size bed dimensions: 183cm x 200cm
Bed King offers expert assistance as a customer-oriented bed store in Cape Town.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Is Your Mattress Ruining Your Life?

On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. It’s an extremely vital part of your life. More times than not, however, people never stop to think about how sleeping on an old mattress, or one that isn’t right for them, could be ruining their lives.

Why It's Bad To Sleep On An Old Mattress

Here are a few basic points that most people know: you need sleep to function; you need good sleep to function well; and little to no sleep leads to less productivity at work, irritability, and a host of health issues (high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, etc.).
A major cause for you not sleeping well is your mattress. You sleep on it for years, but do you ever think about your mattress? How old is it? How long have you had it? Does it smell, but you’ve just gotten used to it?


Older mattresses are filled with allergens that can keep you awake by triggering allergic reactions, such as sneezing, wheezing, coughing, etc. Over time, your mattress becomes filled with skin flakes, a main food source for dust mites. Dust mites can spawn millions of other mites during the time you own your bed. While you sleep, you can breathe in microscopic bits of dust mite excrement, as well as noxious fumes from chemicals that are starting to break down in an older mattress.


As your mattresses ages it may no longer be able to correctly support your body properly, and that can cause you to lose sleep. As time passes your body changes. Pregnancy, weight loss or gain can all significantly change the type of support you need to get a great night's sleep. Elite mattress stores offer a diagnostic system that matches you with the mattress best suited for your body type and sleeping position. You just lie down, answer a few questions, and over 1,000 scientific calculations will help pick your ideal mattress. On top of that bed shops like the Bed King often have great bed specials - so you can find the mattress that is right for your body, as well as your pocket!


Perhaps you have a new mattress, but you’re still having problems sleeping. The problem may be your pillow. A pillow that properly supports your head and aligns your neck while sleeping is an essential part of getting a good night's sleep. While the $10 two-pack of pillows available at the local megastore might seem like a good deal, those pillows aren’t fitted to your needs and they collapse much sooner, causing you to replace them frequently.
Mattress Warehouse has a full range of pillows that are suited for how you sleep, whether it be on your side, your stomach, or on your back. A good, supportive pillow will help you sleep better throughout the night.
During the Mattress Warehouse Presidents’ Day Sale, you can save up to 60% off mattresses from top brands including Serta and Sealy, plus luxury pillows from Sealy start at just $50.
If you’re having trouble sleeping, visit any of our stores or chat online with one of our knowledgeable sleep specialists who can help you get a perfect night’s sleep.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

Why do you need to consider having bunk beds? Well, when you decide to give your oldest kid siblings, it means you need to reconstruct their bedroom, right?

Some people may find it easy to resolve, but how about when space of the room is the number one problem?

In this case, bunk beds are the perfect solution.
However, bunk beds ideas are not something that you can find without any difficulties; moreover, if you try to find the most astonishing ones.

But, don’t worry, parents. In this post, we will provide you with a list of ideas for uniquely awesome bunk beds design, complete with the pictures. We also will give you tips in choosing the perfect bunk beds for your kids.

A regular bunk bed may come with a similar design, which only has stairs. Well, it changed. Nowadays, bunk beds come with a variety of material and style; not only have stairs, but they also come with a desk or even cupboard.

When your children are lazy, this one is the best method to persuade them leaving the bed since they will love coming down from the bed moving.

Putting the bunk beds near the window will enable your kids to drop off to sleep with the natural look of moon and stars, utilize this like an idea for long nights.

Depending upon the variety of kids and the readily available area, you can embrace more than two beds bounded in between them such as triple bunk beds or four bunk beds in the very same space.
If you chose to purchase one, but you do not have any bunk bed ideas, we hope these bunk bed pictures will assist you to take the finest choice relating to the entire interior style of the space.
Discovering ideas and motivation is not difficult in any way for having awesome bunk beds for kids after seeing this short article.

Tips for Choosing Bunk Beds

The majority of us are in some way skeptic to the idea of purchasing bunk beds, and it makes good sense. The very first association that pertains to your mind is metal military platforms, which is not a choice you would think about.

You are reluctant since you do not wish to see you kid having a hard time to obtain vertically from the upper bulk; however, good news for you, bunk beds altered a lot. In an excellent way!
Today’s bunk beds from Bed King, with stairs, are genuine style masterpieces, available in all sizes and shapes, with imaginative climbing up devices and wonderful functions.

Designers work hard to comply with security requirements, and you can take safety measures as a given when picking the finest bunk bed for your kid.
All set to discover ways to pick a bunk bed with stairs? Without any further ado, let’s start:

1. Safety Precautions

Triple bunk beds can be arranged within two stacks

Safety is the most important aspect in choosing bunk beds.
Pick semi-high bunk beds that have strong guyed rails to avoid the child from falling on the ground. Bunk beds normally include such rails; however, you can set up among your very own to make sure you’ve not ignored a single security issue.

In case you’re not exactly sure how this goes, check out some DIY pointers, or request for expert help.

2. Choose Strong Material

Triple bunk beds for large room

No matter its appearances, color, or size, all of us wish to purchase the most strong bunk bed we can discover. This basically limitations the option to wood and metal beds (which readies due to the fact that they are available in all colors, patterns, or kids styles).

We would advise you to choose the wood choice because metal is contemporary and commercial, however, has its covert risks when it pertains to kids.

Often is to sharp, slippery, or cold, and you need to think about all this prior to you leap to the incredible cost these beds have. Wood beds are not that pricey after all, depending upon the product they were made from.

It is the supreme product option that never ever goes out of design, and if completed correctly, it can be the rustic pleasure of lots of generations to come. That’s why moms and dads choose wood bunk beds to their metal equivalents.

3. Choose The Perfect Theme for Their Age

colorful triple bunk beds ideas
Colorful triple bunk beds for kids

One of the most stressful aspects of the ‘search’ would be to discover bulk beds for young child age kids, however the silver lining of this procedure is that it tightens option to the safest and most strong beds (kids under the age of 6 need to not even sleep on the upper bunk).

An additional security tip when it pertains to young children is to utilize stair rather of ladders, due to the fact that they are much easier to climb up, and they generally have actually security rails connected to them.

Age matters likewise in regards to design; even though that would imply draining your pocket to react to your kids' demands.

Eight years of ages women will most likely request a My little pony-themed bed, and kids on comparable age will request for aircraft, however, each of them will choose not to oversleep those beds after a year or more.

That is the reason why you ought to discuss with your children and aim to encourage them to pick something more conventional that will just grow as they do.

4. Calculate The Room Size

bunk beds ideas
Triple bunk beds for small room

You may be taking a look at the prettiest bulk bed ever, however except if you have sufficient area to support it; it deserves absolutely nothing to you. Determining your space ahead of time will limit the option, and will supply accurate standards on exactly what to try to find.

The height of the bed matters the most: you have to make certain there will be minimum two feet of extra area in between the bed mattress and the ceiling, otherwise, the kid might get harmed while standing up.

When it concerns flooring area, twin bunk beds do not need to be bigger than basic twin beds, unless you’ve chosen to opt for a trundle or L shaped beds, or such that have unique functions, such as pull out drawers.

5. Choose The Right Built Style

Bunk beds style for twin

There are five designs to be thought about: twin on twin; complete twin; futon twin; desk twin; or rotates. While deciding, you ought to discover both the practical and visual sides of the design.

6. Consider The Accessibility

Shabby chic bunk beds ideas

When you’re going through the last stages of your purchase, consider the methods which the bed could be accessed, and whether it would be simpler for your kid to steer ladders or stairs.
A thing you need to definitely prevent is small stairs, or such that are put out of view and express concealed stumbling threat for kids.

To select effectively, try and compare various alternatives, however preferably just those that have handrails to keep. If the bed does not have handrails, it was most likely produced teens who do not have to appreciate balance any longer. It all depends on the age of your kid.

7. Functional and Stylish at The Same Time

Stylish and functional at the same time

Kid’s spaces are typically too little for the stacks of individual valuables these little treasures have. You have to be both useful and innovative to provide the space they desire, however, to consider performance too.

That’s why you ought to think about multi-purpose bulk beds, with storage area or whole desks under the stairs, or to select loft beds for your one and just kid, understanding that he or she will accept absolutely nothing less than a bunk bed.

As we stated, you’re the one in charge of alternative options that can take advantage of the non-reusable area: for example, if your kid prefers to have buddies over, include a trundle bed beneath his to be drawn in or out upon requirement.

Something that you must not forget to do is to seek advice from him/her: at the end of the day, they are the ones who understand finest where kind of bed they wish to oversleep. Even we that are all grown have the tendency to be unpredictable on that issue!

Kids like the enjoyability of bunk beds and they’re a terrific piece of area conserving furnishings that will provide more space to expand and have a good time.

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