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Shopping For A Bedroom Set

Getting ready to furnish a bedroom? Save yourself the trouble of choosing individual furniture pieces by outfitting your bedroom with a matching bedroom set. Complete with a number of coordinated bedroom furniture pieces including a bed set, a dresser, a nightstand, a chest, and more, a bedroom set is a sensible and simple way to purchase all of your bedroom furniture at once. This bedroom set buying guide should serve as your go-to resource for all things bedroom sets.
Types of Bedroom Sets
Bedroom sets are available with different furniture pieces included. When shopping for a bedroom furniture set, one of your main considerations should be how many and which furniture pieces you'd like included. There are six main types of bedroom sets to keep in mind while shopping:
Two-Piece: Complete with only a bed and a nightstand, two-piece bedroom sets are the most basic bedroom sets available and are excellent for effortlessly furnishing a guest bedroom.
Three-Piece: Three-piece bedroom sets are a bit more practical than two-piece sets because they have the added benefit of a matching dresser. Though this means this bedroom furniture set will cost a bit more and take up more space than a two-piece set, the added storage space will be well worth it.
Four-Piece: With an included mirror, four-piece bedroom sets include one more piece than three-piece sets.
Five-Piece: Need a little more storage? Opt for a five-piece bedroom furniture set that comes with a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, a mirror, and a chest.
Six-Piece: Six-piece bedroom sets are some of the most inclusive bedroom sets available. The furniture pieces included in these six-piece sets vary; some sets include a bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a chest, and a mirror, while other sets can include armoires, trunks, benches, and more. These complex bedroom sets are perfect for furnishing a master bedroom with ease.
Dresser: A dresser bedroom set is unique in that it doesn't come with a bed; it includes just a matching dresser and nightstand. This type of bedroom set is ideal if you already have a bed and are looking to easily furnish the rest of your space with matching pieces. ​
Bedroom Size & Bedroom Set Layout 
Before you buy, it's important to measure your bedroom to find out what furniture pieces it can comfortably fit. The size of your bedroom will dictate the amount of furniture you can purchase and thus will inform you which type of bedroom set is the best choice for you. A smaller bedroom will feel cramped with too many large pieces, so a basic set of bedroom furniture from Bed King to compliment your bed set may be ideal. If you have a larger room, an expanded set with many pieces might be the right choice for you.
Thoroughly measure your room including door widths and window heights. Window height is an important measurement because it will inform the placement of your bedroom furniture – furniture should only be placed under a window if it won't overlap with the windowsill.
Keep your bedroom's measurements handy as you shop. ​Each bedroom set option should have individual measurements listed for each furniture piece in its Weights & Dimensions tab. It can help to draw up a floor plan of your bedroom to see if and how certain furniture pieces can fit in your space.

Bed Size
Though most bedroom sets do not include a mattress, it's imperative to keep standard mattress sizes in mind while shopping for a bedroom set because the bed set will be a specific size. Many furniture sets are available with different bed sizes, so you can choose the perfect set for your needs.
Bedroom Set Style & Material
Bedroom sets come in most styles, from modern and contemporary to farmhouse and country. Choose a set that matches the existing decor in your home to give your space a cohesive feel.
You can also shop for bedroom sets by material. Available in solid wood in an assortment of colours from light to espresso, metal, wicker rattan, and more, you should find a bedroom set in the material and price range that best suits you.
Since the bedroom set includes the majority of furniture in your bedroom, take your time to find a set in a style that you really love – it will set the tone of the entire space.

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