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Bed Sizes: The ultimate guide to bed sizes in South Africa

One bed store Cape Town has, offers a large variety of carefully selected mattresses from the best
mattress brands in the world. Not only do they stock a range of different brands, but they also have an
assortment of different sizes to suit every preference.
When you choose a certain size mattress, you shouldn’t only be considering the space in your bedroom.
The size of your mattress can impact the quality of your sleep. To guarantee a good night’s rest, make
sure that you choose the mattress size that is right for you.

Once you start searching for a mattress, you may realise that there are many factors that you need to
keep in mind to help you make a good choice.

Single bed

A single size mattress will always be a firm favourite because it is so practical. Single mattresses are
an excellent option for children and single adults who have smaller bedrooms.Single mattresses have
the added benefit of being very affordable. However, purchasing a smaller mattress doesn’t mean that
you need to compromise on comfort or quality. All of the mattress manufacturers offer a large selection
of different mattresses to suit different preferences.
Single mattress dimensions: 91cm x 188cm
Extra length single mattress dimensions: 91cm x 200cm

¾ bed

A three-quarter size mattress is fantastic for teenagers who may have outgrown a single mattress
because it still easily fits in a smaller bedroom. Single adults who feel lost on a double mattress but
cramped on a single mattress may find that a three-quarter mattress is a solution that provides perfect
comfort. A three-quarter size mattress could also make your guest room feel just a little bit more
Three-quarter mattress dimensions: 107cm x 188cm
Extra length three-quarter mattress dimensions: 107cm x 200cm

Double bed

Double size mattresses are ideal for young couples with limited budgets. While offering enough space
for two people to sleep comfortably, it is not as expensive as a queen or king size mattress. People who
live in apartments or townhouses may also find that a double mattress is a more practical size than a
queen or king size mattress. Even an extra length double mattress will fit in an average bedroom
effortlessly. Double mattresses are also often the preferred size for guesthouses and hotels.
Double mattress dimensions: 137cm x 188cm
Extra length double mattress dimensions: 137cm x 200cm

Queen bed

A queen size mattress is medium large, and provides enough space for two people to stretch out with
ease. The size of this mattress will minimise the possibility that you or your partner will disturb each
other’s sleep. Although it is spacious, the queen size mattress is not too large to fit into an average
bedroom. With a queen size mattress, you can have the best of both worlds: ample sleeping space for
two people, without the drawbacks of a mattress that is so large that it makes your bedroom feel
Queen size mattress dimensions: 152cm x 188cm
Extra length queen size mattress dimensions:152cm x 200cm

King bed

King size mattresses are twice the size of single size mattresses and are ideal for people who need
generous amounts of space to be able to sleep well. If you and your partner sleep on a king size
mattress, it is unlikely that you will ever disturb each other’s sleep. This makes it easy to get a good
night’s rest, even if you have a partner who tends to move a lot in their sleep. King size mattresses
have two drawbacks: they are large and they tend to be a bit more expensive than queen size mattresses.
If you can afford a king size mattress, be sure to measure your bedroom before buying one. It may also
be difficult to carry it up stairs or around tight corners, so keep that in mind. However, if you have a
bedroom that is large enough to accommodate a king size mattress, it’s the perfect mattress for two
people who want to be completely comfortable.
King size bed dimensions: 183cm x 188cm
Extra length king size bed dimensions: 183cm x 200cm
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