Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Bed Sizes 101: Understanding Singles, Doubles, Kings & Super Kings

The right mattress can make all the difference between a stressful night spent more awake than asleep and a relaxing, peaceful night of deep, refreshing sleep.

One of the most important factors of bed sets the size. By selecting a mattress that offers the right fit for you and your partner, you’ll find it easier to settle into a comfortable position for a full night of sleep.

Bed bases with mattresses from Bed King come in a variety of sizes, from well-known standards such as singles, doubles and kings to super king bed sets. Below, we’ve explained how the most popular mattress sizes in the UK work, as well as the biggest advantages and disadvantages of each size option.

Single Mattresses
Twin mattresses are ideal for children and young adults. They’re also a good option for adults that sleep alone and don’t need a large bed to feel comfortable. In South Africa, standard single mattresses typically measure 75 to 90cm in width and approximately 190cm in length.

The biggest advantage of a single bed set is its compact size. While a single mattress is long enough to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for most adults, this type of mattress’s thin width makes it ideal for fitting inside small bedrooms.

Double Mattresses
Ideal for couples and individuals who like a little extra space to stretch out while they sleep, a double mattress provides a comfortable surface for enjoying a night of refreshing sleep.

In SA, double bed sets typically measure 120 to 137cm in width and 190cm in length. In Europe, double mattresses have slightly different measurements, with an average width of 120 to 140cm and a typical length of 200cm.

With about 50cm more width than a typical single mattress, a double mattress is a good choice if you sleep with your partner. Double mattresses are also a popular option for single sleepers, as they offer extra versatility (for example, if your partner wants to join you) and comfort.

King Mattresses
King-size bed sets offer extra width and slightly more length than a standard UK double mattress, making it a good option if you’re taller than the average or if you want to stylishly furnish a large bedroom.

In South Africa, king mattresses measure 150cm in width and have a length of approximately 190cm. This means that you and your partner have an extra 13 to 30cm to stretch out and enjoy compared to a conventional double mattress.

The biggest disadvantage of a king mattress is its footprint. While a king mattress can look great in a large master bedroom, beds of this size can make small bedrooms feel overly cramped and crowded.

Super King Mattresses
With an extra foot of width compared to a conventional king mattress, super king mattresses are the ultimate in bedtime luxury. Thanks to their space, mattresses of this type are ideal if you like to stretch out while you sleep, or if you want to enjoy a five-star hotel experience at home.

In SA, super king bed sets measure 200cm in width and 200cm in length. A mattress of this type is best suited to an expansive master bedroom due to the massive amount of space that’s required.
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