Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Kids Beds: Your Handy Guide

 Sooner or later, your little bundle of joy will turn into one bouncy toddler. They will outgrow their clothes, shoes and of course, that crib where they have been dozing in for a few years. While there is no recommended exact age in moving your kid from his crib to a toddler bed, you do have to be aware that the longer the child sleeps in the crib, the more he becomes emotionally-invested to it and the more challenging it will be for parents to convince him to use a standard kid’s bed.

The best way to go about this is really to just observe the height or size of your child and how active they are. If they cannot fit into the crib, this is the right time to look for nice kids beds for your child. 

  1. When is the right time to introduce toddler beds?Answer: If possible, parents need to wait until the baby is 15-18 months at the least. They should also observe whether the baby can finally remain secure and comfortable in a toddler bed. If you bought your child a toddler bed but the child refuses to sleep in it, do not force them to use it. Try convincing them after several weeks, even a month. In general, many toddlers, upon reaching 20 months of age usually settle down to using their toddler beds.
  1. What are the advantages of using a toddler bed?Answer: Toddler beds are safer compared to regular-size beds—it’s lower and also includes guard rails. Toddler beds also provide children with the leeway to get on and off their beds any time they want, without the assistance of their parents.
  1. What factors should I consider when choosing a toddler bed?Answer: First, you need to look for toddler beds with a lower bed height. The bed should be low enough so your kid can still sit on the bed edges, with their feet touching the floor. To prevent toddlers from rolling off of the bed, make sure the bed has guard rails throughout the sides and the back. Make sure that the bed has strong, durable legs or supports. The package must include clear, precise instructions on setting up the bed for extra safety. Choose the material which works well with your child—most toddler beds are made from wood and plastic materials. Plastic is lightweight and easy to care for while wooden ones are stronger and can tolerate more weight and usage.
Provide a nice area for your child to sleep in once they are of toddler age. Get them to doze off or play in one of the choice toddler/  kid bed options at Bed King. Toddler beds are a great way to make them familiar with such sleeping implements before they finally graduate to the real thing.



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