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Should I Buy a Single Bed or Double Bed for My Child?

When your baby becomes too big for a crib or toddler bed, it is time to decide which bigger bed is the best choice. The questions arise, should you buy a double or
 single bed for your child? The answer to this question is not the same for everyone. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right bed for your child.

How Much Space Do You Have?

One major consideration is how much space is available for the new bed. A single bed’s dimensions are 90 cm x 190 cm, and a double bed is 120 cm x 190 cm.  Measure the bedroom and decide where other furniture will be placed to make sure you have enough room for the bed you are considering. You need to allow enough room to get around the bed easily, access other furniture, and still have a play area for your child.

How Much Can You Spend on the New Bed?

A double bed (including small double beds) is usually more expensive than a single bed. Additionally, if you are purchasing a bed to last more than a few years, you want one built solidly that will accommodate your child’s weight as he or she grows. With beds, as with everything else, you get what you pay for and a higher quality bed is going to be more expensive.

Which Bed Is Best for You and Your Child?

If there are times when your child wants or needs company – when they are sick or scared – a double bed may be the best option. A big bed also makes a good space to read and play.

Ask your child if they have a preference. Some children like a cosy sleeping arrangement, in which case a twin bed may be an ideal choice. Other children are active sleepers, tossing and turning during the night, and a double bed may be better if it suits your child’s sleep habits better than a twin bed.

Other Things to Consider:

Do you need extra storage space?

If you want storage, consider a bed with drawers underneath.

Will your child have a friend sleeping over?

If your child is over six, consider a bunk bed. For a child under six, a single trundle bed works well.

How long is your child going to be using the new bed?

If you want to use the bed through the teen years, make sure you choose a bed size your child can use for a number of years.

Remember that whether you decide upon a single or double bed, it will last for about seven years before the mattress needs to be replaced. During that time, your child will spend about 20,000 hours on it. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice to provide for your child’s comfort and guarantee a good night’s sleep. Considering the space available, how much you can afford to spend, and your child’s preference will help you make the right choice for your child when deciding if you should buy a single bed or a double bed for your child from Bed King.




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