Thursday, 3 December 2015

Protecting Your Guesthouse Beds

Tourism in South Africa is already one of the biggest industries and many people are building up thriving guest houses. Google ‘guest house South Africa’ and you will discover thousands of great b&bs all over the country.
However - one of the main worries - especially good guest house owners -  are their beds. Not only are people worried about ensuring that they have good quality and durable beds that are comfortable, but they also have to worry about frequent cleaning and washing of their mattresses
and bed linen. A simple method that many people use to protect their mattresses, duvets and pillows is to use a protector.

Mattress Protectors:
Bed retailers across South Africa stock a wide range of mattress protectors that are both waterproof and reduce the wear and tear on your mattresses. They are also great for protecting your mattress from stains or spills. They absorb oils and liquids and prevent them from damaging your mattress.
These protectors work not only to protect the mattress itself, but also offers great hygienic benefits such as preventing bacteria or dust mites being able to settle in your mattress. Some models are also allergy-free and come with a miracle membrane that allows heat transference, while at the same time allowing the mattress to remain cool and breathable.
When it is time to clean your bed, just remove the mattress protector and wash it in a washing machine.

Pillow Protectors:
Just like the mattress protector, pillow protectors prevent dirt build up on your pillow and will extend the life of your pillow significantly. The oil and moisture from your head and hair can quickly discolour and damage your pillow. Using a pillow protector will negate this while at the same time preventing dust mites or bacteria build up in your pillows. This is an essential for everyone, especially for those people who suffer from allergies. To clean your pillow protectors, just throw them in the washing machine when you clean your mattress protectors.

Need more advice? A reputable bed shop often supply to the hospitality industry and would be able to furnish you with loads of tips and how-to’s to ensure that your guests sleep happily!

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