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How To Recreate A Boring Bedroom With Bunk Beds

More than ever, people now wish their bedrooms to be a retreat, and the main reason being their crazy lifestyle. With such a hectic and monotonous schedule, who does not want an oasis to rejuvenate? But, are the regular bedrooms apt for this?

Often the regular bedroom themes make you feel bored. It’s not that the standard bedrooms are uninteresting, but sometimes due to a hectic schedule, people tend to feel that there is a need for a differently styled bedroom. If you too feel the same, then the bunk beds can surely be a remedy for you.

Bunkers are differently styled beds that are stacked upon one over another. The support to the other level is given by the poles that are attached at the corner. The upper bed is accessible by ladder. Also, the top surface is surrounded by rails so that the person sleeping can be prevented from falling down.

In households, these are used as an accessory for the kids’ room as these allow to maximise the floor space. Although they are mostly preferred for kids above six years of age. These can also be used in places where space is limited such as on ships, dorms, hostels, prison cells, etc.

The bunk bed prices may vary greatly; you can find the economy models easily that are fabricated from some alloys or softwood. The expensive models are usually manufactured from hardwood and have attached drawers or shelves.

Do you know there is a varied variety of bunk beds available from Bed King from which you can select? Let’s have a look at the list that contains the different types of bunk beds:

Standard Bunk Beds

The standard bunk beds are the most common and usually favoured by the country folks. Their structure consists of same sized beds along with mattresses that are stacked on each other. These are usually preferred for the kids.

Twin Full Over

It is similar to a standard bunk bed, but as the name suggests, the bottom surface of the bed is stacked with a full-size mattress and the top bunk with a twin-sized one.

L-shaped Bunkers

These have the bottom portion of the bed laid out at a right angle, and when you view it from above, it appears as L-shaped. This structure allows space for the placement of other commodities such as a study table, chair or another furniture unit at the bottom of the top bunk.

Loft Bunker

A loft bed has only the top bunk which creates space underneath for keeping the entities such as sofa sets, chest of drawers, etc.

Triple Wretham Loft Bed

These are special units, in which the standard beds are attached to a loft bed, making three beds surface in total. These are often used in a household that has more than two kids or sometimes even in prison cells.

These beds can be adorned with a few accessories so that you can add charm to your bedroom and spice it up to make it look different from regular bedrooms.

Hope you are now well aware of the types of bunk beds, this will surely help you select the optimal one for your area. Have a nice decorating time!




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